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What makes Skylight different from all other sober living and transitional living homes? Our staff collectively, our staff has more than eighty years sobriety. Our clinicians have over sixty five years of professional experience! No other sober living home, transitional living, or halfway house in North Texas can make this claim.
Don Fielding, MA, LPC, Owner/Director
Don graduated from the University of Texas with a BA in Liberal Arts in 1976. He was awarded Master's Degrees in Humanities in '90 and Clinical Psychology in '94 from the University of Houston. Don has been licensed by the State of Texas as a Professional Counselor since 1998. He is an Addiction Specialist and has been successfully treating people with alcohol and drug problems for 20 years. He was a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor for over 13 years. He has been the clinical Director of Starfish Foundation, which helps individuals and families in crisis, since 1999. Don also co-hosted Real Life, a KRLD 1080 Radio Talk Show from 1999 to 2000. Don founded Lifeforce in 2000 and has been sober since January of 1985.
Michael Jones

Micheal Jones has been a part of the Dallas area recovery community since 2008. Starting his career as an assistant residential manager with Lifeforce Recovery Houses under the tutelage of Bill Watkins and Jeff Ault, both of whom are well respected mainstays in both the Alcoholics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous communities. Due to his passion and commitment for recovery Mike quickly advanced at Lifeforce becoming a residential manager and then managing director within his first year of employment. Through personal life experience and unconventional wisdom Mike led Lifeforce through three plus highly successful years, graduating multiple clients who subsequently have gone on to live happy, productive, sober lives. After leaving Lifeforce Mike went on to create Patton Sober Living, building that program from the ground up into a highly successful organization in the Dallas recovery community. Establishing relationships and working closely with nearly all the rehabilitation centers in Texas as well as numerous others from around the country, Mike has been able to effectively change the way recovery is viewed in the eyes of both the addict and their loved ones. In addition to being the executive director of Patton Sober Living , Mike is also personally involved in the recovery of each and every one of his clients. To this day Mike is a highly sought after speaker on the subject of recovery and still takes the time to sponsor those in need of help. Skylight Sober Living is proud to have Mike come aboard as our new Chief Operations Officer and is looking forward to all the experience and passion he brings to this vocation.
Clay Couples

Experienced in both group and individual counseling, senior counselor, director of counseling, program design and implementation, program director. Counselor for over 25 years; private and institutional venues. Sober since 1979, CADAC 1985, NADAAC 1987, LCDC 1992, Private Practice 2004, Life Force 2010.
Todd Richardson

Todd Richardson came to Skylight as a client in 2009. By 2011 he had become the manager of the Berry Knoll house. He has been a part of Alcoholics Anonymous for many years including extensive experience in sober living, as well as more than 2 and half years as a manager of sober houses in the Dallas area. He is currently manager of the Berry Knoll house and a member in good standing of AA Dallas.
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